Intergeneration Station

Intergeneration Station started as a program to encourage children to read. One day a week Kiwanians would visit the school to read with a child whose name was randomly selected from a jar of popsicle sticks. Students would choose an Accelerated Reader book and share it with the adult. Some children chose to read the book to the Kiwanian, while others listened as the Kiwanian read, or the pair shared the reading of the story. When finished reading, students would log onto the classroom computer and take an Accelerated Reader comprehension test on the selection the two had just read.

As the program has progressed, children have formed a closer relationship with the Kiwanians. The day following a visit from Kiwanians, students write a "thank-you" note to the person they read with and most often, the Kiwanian replies. Frequently, students choose to respond to their new "friend" and a pen-pal relationship is formed.

Intergeneration Station has helped many students boost their self-esteem and develop better feelings about those that are older than them. Many do not get to spend time with individuals of varying generations. Often students do not get to see their grandparents because they live far away or have passed. Intergeneration Station is a positive experience for both the children and adults involved.

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